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How to organize a wedding

How to organize a wedding step by step

Probably you are recently engaged and now is the time to start thinking and organizing the wedding. So exciting! But maybe you don’t know where to start, you have a thousand doubts, and you are overwhelmed in seeing the amount…

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Tips para elegir el menú de boda

Wedding menu: tips to choose the perfect one

Choosing the wedding menu is one of the most difficult tasks for the bride and groom when organizing the wedding. Will everyone like it? It will be right? It will be a good combination...? And a thousand more questions that…

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4 New Year’s Eve 2024 proposals

Do you want to celebrate the entry into 2024? We offer you 4 options! This year, we're giving you four exciting options to welcome the new year. Whether you like elegance, whether you prefer a more informal and festive atmosphere,…

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new year's eve 2023 in igualada - barcelona

3 New Year’s Eve parties

We are looking forward to celebrations and parties! Let's welcome 2023 properly! This year we offer you 3 options for New Year's Eve in very different environments. Three spaces, same dinner menu, same price, three very different venues. Which one…

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Espai Gastronomia’s dinner

One more year our team from Espai Gastronomia gathered to enjoy a day together and become guests for one day. The theme of this year was " 5 senses" and the importance to take care of all of them to…

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Càtering Sopar Nit Empresarial UEA 2019

Business Dinner at Anoia’s Business Night

Espai Gastrnomia has prepared the catering for the Business Night organized by Unió Empresarial de l’Anoia, in Igualada (Barcelona). A huge corporative event that received more than 400 entrepreneurs from the region and national authorities. A welcome cocktail in the…

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