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10 ideas for the classic business Christmas lunch

Christmas celebrations are always familiar: nougats, “caga tió”, Christmas songs, … But far from the strict family, it is also a good moment to share special moments with this “second family” that our job’s colleges become many times. When we are ready to finish the activity, balances… all the Human Resources department know that finish the year with an incredible party is really necessary not only to encourage a good environment between all the employees but also between the employees and the company.


For this reason, a good company Christmas lunch must be prepared with care and determination. The experts of Espai Gastronomia – a company from Igualada that manage the country houses Ca n’Alzina (Rubió), Can Macià (Òdena), Castell de Tous (Sant Martí de Tous) and the celebration areas of Hotel Amèrica (Igualada) – recommend the following strategies to be a total success:



  1. The first impression counts

If it is a real party… all the guests must receive an invitation to assist right? It is not allowed to make it via mail. Receiving a postcard is always an illusion. Think a little bit, put humor on it…


  1. Are we sure that we have to be sit?

Are you sure you think in the typical lunch with everybody sit on a chair? What if you have to be sit next to those people who you can’t stand? Have you thought in the idea of remain standing? More fresh, agile and easier for everyone.


  1. Make it thematic

Come on, the year is finishing and people are bored of the same formal meal every year. Think of an interesting theme (the 70’s, the glamour from Hollywood, a Hawaiian party…) decorate it according to the idea – flowers, attrezzo, details for the table… – and select a musical atmosphere for the occasion. It is a party! And if the company has made excellent numbers everybody has to be aware!


  1. Immortalize it

Have you thought in the photocall for the hall? Or a space for the people to take selfies on their own? If you are enough people, you can have a professional photographer in order to don’t miss any detail… because everybody likes being a little curious!


  1. Awards for everybody

There is always somebody whose print doesn’t work, and somebody who forgets the deactivation code. Give them an award. It is a good way to break the ice, to remember anecdotes that have make us laugh. It is not in any case a day to give the awards to the best employee.


  1. Really, awards for everybody

Come on, leaving apart all the laughter, having thought of bringing a gift for all the staff is always thankful. Who doesn’t want to receive gifts for Christmas?


  1. Cocktails

Mixing alcohol and work is not the best combination to recommend. Far from the first drink and the cava for the toast, think also of cocktails without alcohol, made of fresh fruit, ice-cream, aromatic herbs and spices. Be sure that you will surprise somebody.


  1. A speech?

So… Christmas is an ideal moment to meet yourself again and your close people, to thank for all the implication demonstrated during all the year. But it is a party, do not forget. If the head has to talk… be brief!


  1. Organize it in committee

Going further from Human Resources department, try to implicate all the company in the event. Ask for ideas, create a specific commission in order to make it a real success.


  1. Have fun

We repeat it again: it is a party (of the company, but still a party). Focus on this perspective, make sure people are having really fun. In fact, there are mythical parties where even the competition would like to assist.

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